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BCG offers technology and software solutions that support our core capabilities. This includes Display Systems, Emergency Management Systems, and Communications for Emergency Operations Centers, Humanitarian Warehouse Management Software for Disaster Relief Warehouses, UAV/Drones for Search and Rescue and Situational Awareness, Business Continuity Software for Business Recovery and Continuity of Operations, and a Pandemic Screening Application.

Humanitarian Warehouse Management Software


BCG’s Almyta Control System Humanitarian (ACS - humanitarian) is a Windows-based application and can be installed on a standalone PC or as a networkable client/server application. Since the application can be installed locally it is not dependent on the internet to operate. This is critical during disaster operations when internet connectivity can be limited or non-existent.


Keep track of inventory and location in one or multiple locations/warehouses, including where the item is located within the warehouse. Track receipt and issue/shipment of inventory. Checkout inventory like tools and keep track of them Track items coming into your system from donors and NGOs and provide reports of where those items were delivered/used. ACS – humanitarian supports multiple languages and can switch between languages with just a few mouse clicks.


Each standard package includes the following modules: Inventory Control, Purchasing, Warehouse Appointments, Asset Maintenance Work Orders, Assembly Orders, Bill of Materials, Asset Management, Shipping, Inventory Sales. ACS - humanitarian is a barcode capable application, reads scanned barcodes, prints barcode labels and forms. ACS - humanitarian offers a multitude of hardware and software interfaces, such as: portable devices, QuickBooks, Internet, PLCs.


ACS – humanitarian has been installed and used internationally at many Disaster Relief Warehouses. ACS – humanitarian is sold as a onetime install with no reincurring fees. For more information on ACS – humanitarian please reach out to us on our contact page

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Emergency Operations Center Technology

BCG has installed various technology solutions to support Emergency Operations Centers. These include:

  • Multiple displays including wall mounted, projector mounted, video wall, and interactive screens.

  • Communications including radio, satellite, and long-range WiFi bridging systems.

  • Emergency Management Systems designed to maintain common operating picture, situational awareness, and manage the emergency response and recovery from an incident or disaster.

For more information on Emergency Operations Center Technology please reach out to us on our contact page


BCG develops drones to meet the needs of our clients. Our drones are not cookie cutter off the shelf solutions. Whether to support Search and Rescue and/or situational awareness these are custom professional designed complete UAV systems with manual, semi and fully autonomous flight capability. These drones as manufactured in the United States. For more information on Drones please reach out to us on our contact page 


Business Continuity Software

Business Continuity Software compliments business continuity planning by helping manage and maintain your plan and track status. BCG can support our clients with Business Continuity Software that encompasses all components of Business Continuity Management – from Business Continuity and Continuity of Operations (COOP) to Disaster Recovery (DR), Risk, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), as well as Incident Response Management, and Notifications. For more information on Business Continuity Software please reach out to us on our contact page 

Pandemic Screening Application

At the beginning of the pandemic and during COVID’s height, our clients asked for a way to screen the COVID-19 exposure risk of employees. BCG quickly came up with a solution - SafetyCount Pandemic. SafetyCount Pandemic provides an easier and more efficient way to screen the COVID-19 exposure risk of your employees. SafetyCount Pandemic is a web-based application. The only requirements to use SafetyCount Pandemic are a browser and access to the internet. SafetyCount Pandemic has an employee interface to be used by employees, contractors, and visitors to your building, facility, jobsite, or any other place you wish to screen people before entry. A separate Admin interface provides screening reports and resources for management. For more information on our Pandemic Screening Application please visit our Pandemic/COVID Planning & Support page

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