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Humanitarian Assistance

BCG provides international Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and Disaster Preparedness plans and programs, including Assessments, Logistics, and Training. We provide crisis management, disaster response, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and actions to improve the capabilities and capacities of nations to respond to disasters.


Government agencies and private organizations worldwide increasingly turn to the Business Contingency Group (BCG) for disaster preparedness assessment and training programs, tailored response plans, and proven strategies for risk reduction and to recover, and restore order quickly, and build back better. BCG provides accountability and transparency in our work.


BCG’s commitment to international humanitarian assistance is rooted in our corporate culture of giving back to the community, and our mission to deliver unparalleled emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions. We are driven by our work ethic to involve and empower host nations by striving to build local capacity through our work on the ground (collaboration, cooperation, training, etc.). It’s what we do. And we do it all over the world.

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