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Emergency Management

BCG develops and implements comprehensive Emergency Management Programs. Emergency management covers plans and actions before, during, and after an incident. Some examples of emergency management capabilities include; crisis management, evacuation planning/floor warden program, emergency response teams, emergency operations/response plans, shelter-in-place, Incident Command System (ICS), risk and vulnerability assessments, Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), and situational awareness. Whether your organization is in the public or private sector, BCG can help your organization.

What makes BCG different?

First and foremost, our staff has the hands-on experience and knowledge needed to make your project a success. We assemble a team for each project that meets the requirements of the project. We do not look at cookie cutter solutions but rather at solutions designed to meet the specific objectives of each project. It is BCG’s philosophy to go beyond the scope of work delivering additional value to ensure that the true objectives are met. Our services are based on professional practices and standard methodologies as defined by national and international organizations. BCG strives to set the bar for success.

Emergency Management Support - BCG also supports Emergency Management with Training/Exercises and Technology/Software. Check out the following pages for more information:

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