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An effective training and awareness program directly correlates to the ability to respond and recover effectively and in a timely manner. BCG offers Active Shooter Training, Incident Command System (ICS), emergency response team, and recovery/continuity training and awareness programs. Exercises validate plans and training and allow for the practice of strategic and tactical capabilities. BCG offers Workshops, E-Learning course development, Tabletop Exercises (TTX), Full-Scale (FSE)/Functional Exercises (FE), and Drills. Both training and exercises can be delivered virtually.

Active Shooter Training – BCG conducts live interactive Active Shooter workshops. These workshops include topics such as describing actions to take when confronted with an active shooter, including Run, Hide, and Fight and what to do when confronted by law enforcement officers who are responding to the situation We work with trainees on techniques on fighting when that is the last recourse

20th Century Fox Studios Case Study Case Study


BCG conducted a full-scale exercise that tested multiple parts of 20th Century Fox Studios’ emergency response plans, business continuity plans, and resources. The scenario involved the devastation resulting from powerful aftershocks of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the 20th Century Fox Studios’ lot. Download the case study and view the videos below to see more of this exercise on the 20th Century Fox Studios’ lot.

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