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Disaster Preparedness
Management and Response

Disasters strike without warning. When they do, it's critical for public sector agencies and companies to have a disaster preparedness management plan in place to effectively respond and recover. They need tried and tested strategies to save lives and reduce damage in any type of emergency.

They need the Business Contingency Group (BCG). As a leading expert on emergency management planning, business contingency, disaster preparedness management, exercises/drills, and international humanitarian assistance, BCG provides governments and businesses with vital insight, plans, and tools to protect their personnel and operations.

BCG is an authorized VAR of WebEOC software solutions. WebEOC is the industry-leading crisis information management software (CIMS) that provides responders with the crucial real-time information they need to make informed decisions during an emergency. Building on the powerful platform of WebEOC, BCG developed WebEOC ST to service the surface transportation sector.

WebEOC ST is a comprehensive disaster preparedness management solution for surface transportation systems. From public transit operations to private freight companies, BCG is a trusted partner for organizations all over the world.

You can't afford to take chances. You need to be ready. If you haven't developed a plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency or disaster, now's the time to contact BCG. Learn more about our complete suite of disaster preparedness management services by calling 818.784.3736 or emailing:

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